Women in the technology industry (including trans women and non-binary folks) are intelligent, passionate and knowledgeable. However, as a minority in both the sector and at tech-related events, the uneven ratio can make it difficult or unwelcoming.

Gender mustn't get in the way of the fun stuff: the technology, the innovation and the spread of new ideas. So, there's Refactor.

What Refactor is

A movement which encourages, supports and motivates women working in, or passionate about, technology. We:

  • Highlight amazing women who are working in technology – whether in the business, development/technical or design aspects. They tell their stories as a way of inspiring and building resilience in others

  • Provide a technology-focused event that women are excited to attend, at which they won’t be the minority

  • Create a pipeline of talented women speakers that other events and conferences can draw on to assist with a ratio change at those events

  • Exist as part of a framework which is working to address gender imbalance at all ages and levels

Who we are


Sacha Judd is the Managing Director of Hoku Group, a family office combining private investments, early-stage technology ventures and a non-profit foundation.  She speaks at conferences and in-house events on startups, capital raising, diversity & inclusion in the tech sector.  Sacha’s first computer was a Commodore Vic 20, and she’s determined that the next generation of young women will have as much fun with technology as she does.

Jess Keating is a strategist and a problem-solver. Professionally she resolves commercial disputes as a city lawyer, and dabbles in coaching and leadership development on the side. She is a huge supporter of women leaders in the workplace and is keen to see the tech sector (and other industries) become positive environments for such development. A natural networker, Jess is involved in a few different groups/causes, and has loved being a part of Refactor from its inception.  She is excited about helping Sacha continue to spread the community, ideas and inspiration that Refactor embodies. 

Refactor events have been running since 2012, originally under the Girl Geek Dinners banner, We rebranded in 2015 because we felt that the name Refactor better reflected the character of the events.